Does Regaine work? My Regaine review

So, you’re losing your hair. That’s why you’re here: you’re looking for a Regaine review to see whether it can solve your problems. Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel. I was in the exact same position about two years ago. Hopefully this will help you make a balanced decision on which hair loss treatments to use.

You probably found this website after the following events:

  1. Looked in the mirror and realised you were losing your hair… or worse, someone pointed it out to you.
  2. You panic, go to Google and type in the most ridiculous search queries to find out whether there’s a miracle cure out there.
  3. You realise most websites are made by snake oil merchants trying to sell you overpriced junk. You finally find a website made by someone just like you: a regular guy trying to find a hair loss solution. I hope my Regaine review (as well as my other posts) will help you out!

Well, that’s how my experience went anyway. It’s funny how ridiculous it seems looking back, but I know exactly how you feel. There are so many products out there it’s confusing. You read crazy reviews either promising you a full head of hair or you panic after reading a guy’s claims that his face turned green after trying the latest topical hair loss medicine. You are immobilised by fear and confusion and can’t make a decision, all while your precious hair is still falling out. I’m here to tell you that you need to take action NOW. If you know you’re losing your hair then you have to get on treatments right away, otherwise nature WILL take its course and you will not have any hair left to salvage.

Regaine saved my hair, no question.

Let me just say from the word “go” that this Regaine review is positive. It works for me and has changed my life. I know this sounds a little extreme but it’s true! I started using Regaine about 18 months ago and it has been something close to a miracle cure for me. Let me just say that it didn’t bring back the hair I had as a 17-year old, but I no longer worry about hair loss the way I used to. To me, it makes the monthly expense seem paltry in comparison to what I get in return.

You first need to understand that in order to regrow your hair using Regaine you must still have hair left on your head in the first place. Negative Regaine reviews you’ll find on the internet are usually from guys who left starting treatment too late. Unfortunately, Regaine works by stimulating growth to existing hair. You can’t expect to get a full head of hair when you’re sporting a head of hair like Bruce Willis. It just won’t work. You need something, even if they’re the tiny little baby hairs that look absolutely pathetic. That’s where I started. I would take care of those little strands as carefully as I would a newborn baby.

I decided to start Regaine after reading hundreds upon hundreds of reviews. I finally bit the bullet (wish I’d done it sooner) and went to my GP just to make sure that it was safe to take and that I had no other health issues that might explain my hair loss. I suggest that before you jump on treatments you do the same. While most guys that are losing their hair are suffering from MPB (male pattern baldness), it is possible that you are one of the few that has another ailment (thyroid issues, temporary shock loss due to stress). Don’t trick yourself into thinking it’s something other than MPB, though! It’s most likely that this is exactly what you have. It’s also worth visiting the NHS website to read a bit more about available treatments. WebMD also has a very good section on hair loss.

At first I started using the regular Regaine, that being the liquid version. My Regaine review would be far less positive if I had stuck this version only. Even though it was cheaper than the foam, I had to discontinue use after a couple of months. It would make my head extremely itchy and uncomfortable. It also led to an extremely dry scalp. Despite it being more expensive, I switched to Regaine foam. This turned out to be a good decision. I had already been making progress using the liquid, but I think the foam is even more effective. Regaine also claim this to be the case as well. It no doubt has to do with the fact that it absorbs much more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it’s far easier to use. You won’t get annoying streaks of liquid Regaine trickling down your forehead.

My Regaine Results

Let’s talk results. I was astounded. I thought it would lead to minimal hair growth but it really went beyond my expectations. I used to have to apply loads of thickening products to make my hair anywhere near decent looking. I would not go out unless I had put something in my hair. Otherwise, I would wear a baseball cap. While my hair is still thinner on top than on the sides, it’s now no longer visibly noticeable. You can only tell when you run your hands through my hair, and even that is improving all the time. Yes, I am still getting results 18 months on! It’s fantastic. I wear my hair long-ish and I can feel that the roots of my hair are stronger than the ends. I do have to say that in the beginning (first 6-8 months) I didn’t apply it daily, or I would apply it incorrectly (wet hair, wax in my hair, etc). Once I started applying it twice daily on clean dry hair my results improved dramatically. Obviously, my personal conclusion on this Regaine review is that it absolutely rocks. The product works and there’s a decent chance it will for you as well.

How effective is Regaine? Will it work for me?

Will Regaine work for you? It really depends on the following factors:

  • What are your expectations? If you think you’re going to have hair like Justin Bieber (why would you want to anyway?!), then you will end up unhappy. Most people don’t get such dramatic results. Keep your expectations realistic. If you are a good responder it is very likely that you will regrow a visibly noticeable amount of hair. This will do wonders for your confidence. Be creative with your hair products, you can even look like your hair is back to how it was when you were in your teens.
  • How aggressive is your hair loss? If you caught it early, it’s possible that Regaine will still help you. However, if you have the sort of hair loss that leaves most men completely bald by their mid-20s then it might be difficult and a Regaine review from a user with less aggressive hair loss won’t mean much to you. I am not sure about this, as my hair loss is relatively slow but from the research I have done online it seems that those with aggressive hair loss will not get that much benefit. It’s worth giving it a shot though.
  • Are you using it properly? I was quite lazy in my application of Regaine at the start. I would do it most mornings but only some evenings. Sometimes I would not bother with rinsing the gel off my hair. This severely affected the product’s absorption and this effectiveness. It is absolutely vital that you follow the instructions exactly as they appear on the label. Yes, it’s a little bit annoying but eventually you will get used to it and it will become part of your routine. Just like brushing your teeth.

I hope that this Regaine review has been helpful to you. If you think you are losing your hair, please jump on treatments as soon as you can. Do your research, visit your GP, do everything you need to be safe and feel secure but PLEASE take action. That’s the most important thing if you want to keep the hair you have and stimulate its growth. I am happy to answer any questions you might have (please, spammers, stay away).

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